How To Open A Gun Safe Without Key

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Learn how to open a gun safe even if you forgot your key, combination, or code. But it may take more than picking it with a paperclip, knife, or any similar tool.

Your guns are valuable possessions; hence we store them under lock and key in a gun safe. But what if you lost your key? Or had a mental block and cannot remember your combination or code – what now?

This situation of being locked out of gun safes may happen to anyone, even to a responsible gun owner, no matter how careful they are. It would seem that gun safe manufacturers already anticipated this problem without explicitly telling us what to do. Because otherwise, we would feel that our gun safes are not safe after all. With a little creative thinking, you need not worry as there are possible solutions when it happens.

So before you attempt to smash your safe locks out of frustration and end up hurting yourself in the process, there are ingenious ways that a professional locksmith can break into a gun safe, and we are unlocking them in this article.

How to unlock a gun safe without the key

Almost any gun safe would have a higher quality of construction because it generally has more security than a standard safe. It is why gun owners should have one. Its durable holders and well-protected locks will keep your firearms stored properly to prevent unauthorized use. While you will most likely need to call on a locksmith for the task, here’s how to get into a locked gun safe or without a combination through the following methods:

Manipulating the locking mechanism method

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This technique applies to a combination lock system, a common feature of gun safes. Manipulation is more than picking a regular lock and listening closely to a magical click. It is a bit sophisticated, often considered an art, such that not every locksmith can perform; hence, the gun safe owner may not pull it off as well.

It begins with having a feel for the dial rotation to detect the tumbler wheel gates. When they hit a blockage, they will throw off the feedback to get the right combination. However, a combination lock has a false set to make it harder to break into a gun safe.

You should note this technique will not work on a damaged lock system. To manipulate it, it should be fully functional. And it takes a developed skill and patience to accomplish it.

Using a drill machine method

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Wondering how to open a gun safe without a key or code? There is a right way of drilling until all the screws loosen in the quest for unlocking your gun safe. First of all, the locksmith has to check the user manual to verify the actual location of the lock actuator and the mechanism of the bolt assembly to break into a gun safe. Otherwise, drilling a hole alone will not get the task done.

When you drill a safe, you are trying to get access to the borescope, releasing the spring power of its lock mechanism. Doing so enables manipulation of the dial or getting to the actuator. There are ways to drill a gun safe without leaving a gaping hole by executing it with extreme precision.

Again, the skill of the picklock is important. You have to drill the safe without damaging the interior lock components. While the locksmith can patch up the hole, sometimes its markings will be obvious. However, it’s a better choice than replacing your gun safe altogether,

Prying the gaps method

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If there are weak points in gun safes, one of them would be that they are not airtight. Guns and humidity cannot co-exist as they can cause significant damage. The prying technique exploits this feature by looking for that little space or crevice where air can still pass through to avoid a humid environment inside.

You will insert small objects like a thin wire, paper clip, rod, or a flat plastic straw to slip into this prying space to gain access to your safe door lock. Use it to push up and down the prying space until the lock mechanism has released its hold. Note that this is best done with a door that points to the ceiling where it is kept under the floor surface, which would be a secure spot.

In-floor gun safes will be much easier to break into using gravity when gaining access as the door is forced open. Alternatively, you can also use a wedge to dig deep and help widen the prying hole, allowing you to cut the exposed bolts.

Cutting the wall method

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Generally, safe doors are made of thicker steel construction than their walls. Although a safe wall can be thick as it is, you can still cut through it, but it will take time. The locksmith uses an angle grinder to cut while avoiding areas where the guns may be leaning against.

Interestingly, many safe companies have layered the interior walls with ceramic to reduce humidity and at the same time make cutting almost impossible. You should be wary of this technique if your safe has these ceramic-lined walls.

Finding the manual override key method

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Often, combination lock safes come with a physical key. It is usually stashed beside the dial area. It would be the easiest way to unlock a key combination. If it’s a digital locking mechanism with a battery needed moving forward, another method can replace it.

You are likely to find your owner’s manual inside; hence take it out and check the instructions on how to reset your locking mechanism. However, this manual overriding may not be possible for other gun safes where the owner is required to key in the correct code before they can gain access with the override key.

Once you find out that your gun safe is set up this way, remove this key and place it in a secure area, yet it is easily reachable along with your manual, so it does not go to the wrong hands. You can also change the batteries to restore access and assign a new code. It will help you to crack a gun safe with an electronic lock in the future.

Harnessing a powerful magnet method

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One way to break into a gun safe is with the help of a magnet. You’ll need something bigger than the ones you place on your fridge, though. We are talking about neodymium magnets which are rare-earth magnets that can open gun safes in seconds and without any damage. They are available in e-stores such as Amazon and other industrial supplies shops. Just be careful in handling them by steering clear of any other electronics in the area where your gun safe is. You can place it in a sock, making it easier to pull the magnet off later. Place it on your door and move it around until it locates the solenoid on your safe to pop open.

Dropping your safe method

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Yes, you can learn to get your safe open without a key by simply dropping it on the ground. Silly as it may sound, this rough technique might work for small manual lock safes. To clarify, we don’t want to wreck your gun safe. Dropping it in a short vertical distance is enough to cause some agitation, which is how to open a locked gun safe. First, cushion the landing spot with thick cloth. Raise the gun safe an inch from the ground and drop it. Check if you can pull the door open. If it doesn’t, repeat a few more times. It’s not a guaranteed result but worth a try.

Beating the lock mechanism of different gun safes

How to open a Liberty gun safe without the combination

1. Get the serial number of your liberty gun safe, which you can find either at the back or bottom corner of the front door. The important thing here is for your professional locksmith to get as much information about the safe as possible.

2. Your local locksmith should contact Liberty manufacturer to get the original combination locking system or electronic lock code. The owner’s identity will need to be verified by the manufacturer before any details are provided so you can regain access to your gun safe lock.

3. If the owner has already changed the codes, the locksmith’s last option is to drill gun safe locks. Since they have the serial numbers, they will know which spot to drill on to avoid tripping on the safe’s security measures and locking area. When opened successfully, you can reset the safe’s combination and repair the drill holes as well.

How to unlock Homak gun safe

1. With the help of your locksmith, contact Homak and check if you can retrieve the original codes using your gun safe’s serial number.

2. If your manufacturer cannot help you, try using a knife or screwdriver and use it to pick your keyhole to break into a gun safe. Rotate it counter-clockwise until it opens

3. You can also use a chisel and hammer to open your Homak gun safe without a key. Position your chisel in the corner of your safe and hammer it to detach the keypad. You will need to remove the knob as well. Once you see the hole, insert your finger and press the lower button that will open your safe.

How to open a Sentry gun safe without the combination

1. You can manually guess the combination by starting from zero clockwise in increasing order. There is a spindle and drive pin that facilitates rotating the combination dial. Go through every possible sequence you can muster.

2. Since trying to unlock using all combinations just to get the actual codes can be tedious, you can use a standard key instead. Gently insert it in the key lock beside the combination and see if it can open your door.

3. Try opening your Sentry gun safe using a lock change key to regain access. It is a device that can reset a locking mechanism. Please note that a change key cannot control all safes, only some of them.

How to break into a Browning gun safe

1. Contact Browning manufacturer and provide your locked safe’s serial number as well as your identity for ownership verification.

2. You can use an override key to open the locking mechanism if your gun safe has it. Call your local locksmith for other alternatives if you don’t have this key.

How to break into Cannon gun safe

1. Contact Cannon Safe and fill out the details in the form they will provide you. You’ll need to pay a fee if they can unlock your safe because certain models cannot do this. They will send the master reset code via email.

2. If they cannot unlock your Cannon Safe, try seeking the services of a skilful locksmith.

How to open a Steelwater gun safe

1. Use an override key but don’t forget to recharge or replace the batteries if it’s a digital locking mechanism.

2. Alternatively, insert a flat screwdriver into the keyhole to unlock. In case this works, though, you will likely no longer be able to restore the locking mechanism of your gun safe.


We hope to have provided you with helpful tips to break into a gun safe without causing too much damage. We recommend you always consider contacting your safe manufacturer first, especially if you own an expensive model, as they will likely be able to help you. For those who cannot take this route, you can try the safecracking methods we have discussed, which many have used successfully. Nonetheless, it’s still not guaranteed because it will depend heavily on your gun safe lock system. If, indeed, it does not work, it would be comforting to know that you have a truly durable and impenetrable safe.