Can You Keep a Gun Safe in the Garage

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It comes as no surprise that in an increasingly dangerous – even hostile – world that plenty of people would rest a little easier knowing that some form of defense is available to them. And while firearms may not necessarily be the safest option when it comes to personal defense, they are, fortunately, or unfortunately depending on where you stan, easily accessible to most people.

The important thing to remember when purchasing and keeping a firearm is that you need to be prepared to go the extra mile in maintaining your weapon and keeping it safe. Regular maintenance is key to ensuring that your firearm functions properly, and you will need to invest in some sort of method to keep it locked up. Naturally, you can never go wrong with a gun safe.

Ironically though, you will need to take some extra care and precaution in keeping your gun safe, safe. Things like location, placement, and airflow all need to be taken into consideration. Most people have a pretty clear idea of where they would like their gun safe to be installed, but in case you do not, we are going to answer the question of whether or not it is practical and safe to install your gun safe in your garage.

The Short Answer

With a little precaution and proper placement, it is most certainly possible – and, for the most part, practical, to keep your gun safe in your garage. Some factors, however, are entirely out of your control and need to be properly assessed before the installation of your gun safe.

The Long Answer

As mentioned, it is possible to install a gun safe in your garage. You may even find it to be a practical decision, depending on the location of your garage in relation to your house, though some gun owners do not recommend it.

Gun safety – which includes proper maintenance and care – extends to your gun safe as well. That means that, although your garage may seem like a logical place to store your firearms, you will need to ensure that the proper precautions are taken. If you want to install a gun safe in your garage, read on to find out about everything that needs to be considered first.

Uncontrollable Variables

There are a handful of factors that may prevent you from installing a gun safe in your garage, some of which are out of your control. If at least two of these factors apply to you, it may be better to install your gun safe somewhere else.


It goes without saying that guns and moisture do not mix well. Garages are prone to exceptionally humid temperatures due to a number of factors including the lack of direct sunlight and the lack of a water-tight or insulated design. That means that rain can often be carried into your garage, further increasing the humidity.

Generally speaking, if you live in a humid area or are expecting plenty of rain in the upcoming days or weeks, it is best to avoid installing your gun safe in your garage.

Fire Risks

Garages often double as storage areas for a lot of homeowners. While various bits and baubles may pose a strong fire hazard, of particular note is the presence of gasoline, paint, and other chemicals that you are likely to find in your average garage.

Needless to say, these items should be kept well away from your gun safe, preferably stored out of sight and reach. If you are unable to find a safe place for your gasoline and paint, we strongly advise that you find another location for your gun safe.

pistol on the table in case


Most garages are typically located towards the front of the house and directly lead into the adjacent street. While this is obviously very convenient in maneuvering your vehicle in and out, it also poses a safety risk. If your garage door is open, strangers are able to come inside and take what they want because of the ease of access. If you have a gun safe installed in your garage, anybody can come in and loot its contents (provided they can bust it open first).

Controllable Variables

While the risks we have mentioned have so far (mostly) been out of your control, there are a few things you can do to ensure the safety of your gun safe. If you take these precautions, installing a gun safe in your garage may be beneficial.


Garages can quickly become cluttered messes if you are not careful enough, and it is easy to find yourself swamped by the sheer amount of things stuffed inside such a small space. This will not do for a gun safe.

You should do your best to clear your garage of any clutter before the installation of your gun safe. A good idea is to identify the common paths you take when you step into your garage (for example, from your garage door to the entrance to your home). If you can manage to clear those trails, you can easily install a gun safe here.


When you get around to actually installing your gun safe, it is important to ensure that it is level and that an airflow pocket lies beneath it. This will prevent any moisture from accumulating – thus preventing rust – as well as ensure that the safe’s door can be opened properly.

Solid Placement

Finally, you should always bolt your gun safe to the floor to prevent anyone from easily prying it open, or otherwise stealing the whole thing. There are several bolting methods, and you will have to find the one that is best for you but rest assured that bolting your safe does not have to be a permanent thing either. With the right tools and know-how, you can relocate your gun safe to another location should you ever want to.


Installing a gun safe in your garage requires an extra bit of consideration and precaution. While it may seem convenient, it may be unsafe depending on your circumstances. However, with this guide at hand, you should be able to tell whether or not the garage is the right place for your gun safe.

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