Best Way To Move a Gun Safe: A Detailed Guide

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Gun safes have different features that range from fire protection to unique locking systems.

That makes them invaluable once they are in your home.

That said, getting them inside your home can be a cumbersome task since most of them are heavy and bulky.

Hiring professional movers is the best way to move a gun safe safely, but if you wish to do so yourself, we recommend following our tips below.

We’ll tell you how to move your gun safe efficiently while reducing the risk of injuring yourself and damaging your home and the gun safe.

Best Way To Move a Gun Safe Without Hiring Professional Movers

Apparently, moving your safe isn’t as simple as moving any other furniture or items in your home.

That is especially since you’ll also be handling firearms apart from the gun safe.

As such, let’s learn about what you should do first and then the steps you need to take.

Where To Begin?

A gun safe isn’t something you can just easily dismantle.

You do one thing wrong, and you end up damaging the whole safe or may even injure yourself.

That is why it is ideal to learn the rules and regulations about gun control.

Still, it is wise to know these rules and regulations even if you don’t plan on moving your gun safe to avoid breaking any law.

Hence, below are what you should do before moving your gun safe.

Speak To a Professional Mover

Whether you opt for a moving company or not, it is always advisable to talk to them before moving your firearms and gun safe.

These people are highly trained professionals who know exactly how to handle guns and the proper way to move them.

It’s best to find a moving company in your area to get the right answers to your queries since each city or state has different rules.

Some of these professionals are willing to provide you with clear instructions on what you should do, as well as what you should avoid doing.

Find Out What You Can Bring and How

It is imperative to know what you can bring exactly when you move your gun safe and firearms.

The most important thing to remember is that at no point should you move loaded weapons.

Having your loaded gun inside your safe, if not handled with care, might injure you or the people around.

There is also always a possibility that it can put a hole in your drywall or dent your safe.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you cannot have the firearms in arm’s reach, so store them properly and lock them away when moving them.

Also, you must transport firearms and their ammo separately, and you can’t store either in the glove box.

Lastly, in case you are moving to a different state or county with different rules for firearms, make sure you have all your papers in order.

best way to move a gun safe

Below is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to move your gun safe.

1. Remove Gun Safe Content

Besides the gun/s and ammo, it’s best to remove any other items inside your safe.

Emptying a gun safe will help lighten its overall weight and make it a little easier to move around.

2. Prepare the Right Equipment

You must pick the proper equipment to move your gun safe, and experts highly recommend that you have the following on hand:

  • Appliance Dolly

There are multiple types of dolly, but you need to look for ones that move furniture or appliance since they are built to move heavy items.

If you have to move the safe through the stairs, make sure to pick a stair-climbing dolly.

  • Moving Straps

Moving straps typically come with the dolly.

Aptly named, they’re used to strap down the gun safe safely to the moving dolly’s body.

But if it doesn’t, make sure you find sturdy moving straps that are long enough to wrap around your safe.

  • Loading Ramp

A loading ramp can be beneficial in two ways. It can help you move the gun safe in the moving truck more easily.

It can also be greatly beneficial if you do not have a stair-climbing dolly and need to get the safe safely through the stairs.

  • Work Gloves

You do not want to be in a position where your fingers end up getting crushed between the gun safe and the wall.

Work gloves ensure that your fingers and nails have enough padding and you won’t be severely injured.

3. Plan the Route Out in Advance

Before you even consider moving your gun safe, you must plan your route and check out the route properly for any hurdles.

By hurdles, we mean any tight corners that you may have to navigate, multiple hallways, and the overall distance the safe has to travel.

You need to consider those to ensure you are finding a safe and quick route beforehand.

If you are moving the safe outside your house, find which doorway is the closest and the surface you will move it on.

Preferably avoid softer surfaces like grass and stick to something harder like asphalt or concrete.

Remember that gun safe can cause major damage when you reach a spot where you’re clueless about what you have to do next.

Stairways always tend to be tricky and tight corners are an absolute pain.

As such, plan the route based on your safe’s measurement so that you avoid any unnecessary trouble.

4. Seek the Help of a Few Friends

It may be tempting to move the gun safe by yourself, especially if you’ll just move it to a different spot in the same room.

That said, the biggest danger is that the gun safe can tip over, so there is almost a 90% chance that you will injure yourself.

Hence, make sure you have people helping you regardless of whether you are moving the safe a few feet away in the same room or are taking it down the hall.

Grab a couple of your strong friends, preferably two to three, to help you move around the gun safe.

Having more people in the moving process will ensure that the gun safe does not tip over from any side.

You will also constantly have someone guiding you through the moving process.

5. Secure the Safe Onto a Moving Dolly

Once you are ready to move the gun safe, the first thing you have to do is slip the dolly’s slip under the safe’s backside.

It will ensure that anything on the front of the safe, be it a handle or a wheel crank, won’t mark up your walls or break against the back of the dolly.

Once you have secured it from the bottom, take the straps and securely strap it around the safe from the sides and top to prevent it from tipping over from any side.

6. Protect the Walls and Floor

When you and your friends are moving the gun safe, one person should constantly be manning the dolly handle and balancing the safe.

The others are right next to them, handling the safe’s sides, assisting with the weight, and keeping it safe from the walls.

All of you should remember to communicate constantly.

If you’re the person who is mainly manning the dolly, ensure you are taking multiple breaks and be clear about it to your friends.

That way, they can ensure that they find you a spot to lower the safe safely without damaging the floor.

Your friends will also help you navigate the safe through those tight corners.

They will also offer more manpower when you’re moving the gun safe through the stairs or when you’re lowering the safe.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a race, and the slower and more steady you are will result in a successful task.

Consider Professional Movers

While you can move a gun safe yourself, it is always advisable that you opt for professional movers or a moving company since it is a safer option.

Of course, this depends on your budget.

That said, professional movers ensure your safe remains safe and there aren’t any damages to your property in the moving process.

Since these guys are experts at moving heavy items, they will also come with all the necessary equipment along with a moving truck in case you’re moving it to another location.

Moving the Gun Safe Safely and Securely

Our detailed step-by-step guide is indeed the best way to move a gun safe to a different area in your room, another room, or new home.

Remember that the secret to succeeding in moving your safe safely and securely is preparation.

From what is in the gun safe to who will move it and how you’ll do so, you need to think about all these things beforehand.

As much as we listed the effective way to move your safe, we still highly recommend getting professional movers to do the job.

These guys are well-trained, and they can completely cut down the risk of you injuring yourself in the process.

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