Kodiak Gun Safe Review

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Quick Overview



  • Well built
  • Fireproof for up to 40 minutes
  • Impressive look
  • Comes with adjustable shelving
  • Can perfectly organize long and short guns


  • Pricey

Picking the right gun safe can help you feel at peace at home.

In fact, a 2015 survey shows that more than 60% of Americans who own guns in their house feel safer with a gun safe.

Several options are available on the market that can make selecting one a challenging task.

Thankfully, our detailed Kodiak Gun Safe review covers the important aspects of this brilliant gun safe.

This gun safe from Kodiak has a lot going on for it but will it be right for your needs?

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Kodiak Gun Safe

The Kodiak Gun Safe belongs to the Kodiak series of Rhino Metals, Inc., a USA-based company founded by Don Suggs, a fighter pilot in the mid-1990s.

Suggs founded his company upon his father’s request to build an affordable and secure gun safe.

He came up with patented designs, and over time, the business expanded and began to offer a wide range of gun safes marketed as part of different series based on quality and cost.

These include the Kodiak, Ironworks, and Rhino series of gun safe models.

Rhino Metal, Inc. has a great reputation for making high-quality safes affordable in an affordable price range.

They are also well-known for their policies of employing veterans in their workforce.

That said, it is a fairly new brand and isn’t as popular as some of the other brands on the market.

Still, you can be assured that their safes are built well and are highly dependable.

Rhino Metal, Inc. is definitely not a company mass producing safes just to push out cheap and bad quality products from their production line.

Many of their safes come with a limited lifetime warranty, and they have fantastic customer service.

Who Is the Kodiak Gun Safe For?

The Kodiak Gun Safe is perfect for anyone looking to keep not just their guns but also other valuables.

The whole reason why you are looking at a gun safe in the first place is to keep your firearms away from the hands of children.

A major benefit of having this gun safe is that it will protect your loved ones and children who roam around your home.

Regardless of how curious your child is about the Kodiak gun safe, it is almost impossible for them to access it because of its superior locking mechanism.

You can have a good night’s sleep knowing that the Kodiak Gun Safe is keeping all your firearms safely locked and stored.

The Kodiak Gun Safe is built with superior quality materials and has a phenomenal fireproof rating.

Even in the event of a fire, your valuables in the gun safe will remain safe.

The safe can hold up very well against high temperatures.

It is also an ideal option for those who enjoy looking and using a traditional-style gun safe.

What’s Included?

The Kodiak Gun Safe is a one-piece product. Since it is an extremely heavy safe, it is professionally delivered to your home.

Two or three professionals will move the gun safe to the desired position in your home and will properly install it.

They ensure that the entire moving and installing process is well done and seamless.

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Overview of the Features

There’s a ton that the Kodiak Gun Safe has to offer, and some of them are:

  • Size and Weight

This is a fairly big gun safe with external dimensions of 59H x 33W x 20D inches and a total weight of 420 pounds.

With these dimensions, it has an internal space that can accommodate up to six handguns and 32 long guns.

Having a fairly large size, you can add more guns in the future.

There is also a deluxe door organizer along with adjustable shelving included in this gun safe.

It will allow a great deal of flexibility in terms of how you can fit your firearms.

There’s also a luxurious look to it when you are opening the door.

  • Appearance

The Kodiak Gun Safe is a no non-sense gun safe. It looks highly durable to handle anything you throw at it.

The three-spoke vault design handle and the solid look give this gun safe a timeless, classic appeal.

In terms of the gun safe interior, it has a luxurious and quality look.

The makers used high-quality materials, which have resulted in a plush finish adding to the overall luxurious feel.

There are also pre-drilled holes, which allow you to add a dehumidifier and the brand’s Swing Out Gun Rack if you wish to.

Also, since the shelving is adjustable, you can set it up the way you want without looking disorganized or crowded.

  • Overall Quality

The Kodiak Gun Safe has a UL Listed commercial-grade Type 1 electronic lock.

That means it’s simple to open with the code but extremely tough at the same time for anyone to break into.

It also has a thick 2mm steel composite door and body, ensuring there are no weak spots.

Additionally, you will find eight big door bolts, and each of them is one inch in size.

There is also a single hardened steel plate, which means attacking it with a drill won’t do much damage.

In simple words, this safe will give any burglar a really hard time and effort to break in.

It is worth noting that the Kodiak Gun Safe is a California-approved firearm safety device.

That’s because it meets all the requirements of the Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued under it.

What also helps is the limited lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer.

  • Handling Fire

Any gun safe you are buying must come with a good fireproof rating to give you peace of mind.

This feature will ensure that you put your valuables in the safe without any worries.

All this flexibility in the interior means it is also an ideal spot to store documents or large sums of money.

This Kodiak safe fire rating is at a highly impressive 40 minutes at temperatures going up to a massive 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

That is all due to the fireboard protection included in the door, floor, ceiling, and walls.

The gun safe also has a heat-activated door and will expand up to seven times if there is a fire.

The main purpose of this feature is to seal the edges of the door so that it can keep the smoke and fire at bay while protecting the safe’s contents.

All of these specifications mean that you will remain confident that your gun safe can safely stand up to the extreme fire and at a fairly long period of being exposed to it.

You may feel that 40 minutes may not be a long time, but this is a fairly standard period of a gun safe and enough for the fire to be put out.

For the first-time gun safe buyer, you can surely have many questions about what this safe can and cannot do.

Hence, we recommend checking out this video that talks about Rhino Gun Safes in detail and will show you exactly what it can offer you.

How To Get the Most Out of the Kodiak Gun Safe?

Like any other gun safes, clean your Kodiak Gun Safe at least once a month to ensure it reaches its lifespan or, better yet exceed it.

It’s also best to inspect your gun safe from top to bottom to see any issues and fix them as soon as.


Definitely, the Kodiak Gun Safe isn’t for everyone or is missing features that you’re looking for exactly.

Some of the great alternatives to it are as follows:

SnapSafe Titan Modular Gun Safe

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For some folks, the Kodiak Gun Safe may not be big enough to accommodate all their firearms.

Hence, we decided to provide you with a decent alternative called the SnapSafe Titan Large Digital Modular Gun Safe.

Its dimensions are quite similar to its counterpart, but it is slightly wider to accommodate more firearms.

The gun safe has a sledgehammer and pry-bar resistant 3/16” solid steel door along with thick nine-gauge steel exterior walls.

There are adjustable shelves to keep your firearms well organized.

It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

On the downside, the safe is heavier and more expensive than its counterpart.

Templeton Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

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If most of the firearms you own are rifles, we recommend checking out the Templeton Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe.

This a well-built and designed rifle safe and can accommodate up to 12 rifles.

It has a storage shelf on top too to store ammo or your valuables.

The safe features a solid steel body along with four steel locking bolts offering phenomenal security.

There is also a fingerprint biometric entry to secure against any unwanted entry.

The safe can recall up to 32 different fingerprints.

There are also pre-drilled holes that make it easy to mount this safe to the ground in garages, closets, or anywhere you would like.

Best of all, this safe also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Kodiak Gun Safe Review: The Verdict

We hope that our Kodiak Gun Safe review has provided you with the information you needed to purchase it.

It is a solid option to keep all your firearms as protected and securely as possible.

With its useful features and high-quality construction, this is the kind of safe that will never let you down.

The best thing about the interior is how well and neatly it keeps the firearms organized to avoid any hassles when you have to pick one.

Even though this gun safe is a bit pricey, we believe that this is one of the best safes to own.

That is mainly because of its superior construction, safety features, and highly impressive fireproof rating.

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