What Humidity Should My Gun Safe Be

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Are you a gun owner? Do you have a safe place to store all your guns? Or are you thinking of a safe place to keep them? There are numerous storage options to keep all your ammunition away from kids and the best one is a gun safe. It prevents unauthorized access by burglars, vulnerable persons, or even your kids.

If you own guns it should be your priority to keep them secured in order to prevent accidents with potentially tragic consequences. However, humidity plays a huge role in affecting your guns while they are locked away in the safe. The presence of humidity can result in rusting of bullets, guns, and other valuable items. Ammunition should not be bought in bulk because humidity can easily cause excessive damage.

At What Humidity Should My Gun Safe Be Maintained?

The ideal temperature inside the safe should be 70°C at 50% relative humidity for storage. Temperatures lower than 20°C can result in shrinking and drying of the contents. These units need special care to avoid rusting of your guns. You may need to get a desiccant or a dehumidifier for increased effectiveness.

Is A Hydrometer Necessary?

Yes, it is. A hydrometer is an instrument that can be used to measure the level of moisture in the safe. They are best used to monitor the temperature to a safe level of 40 – 60°C and 30 – 50% relative humidity. Keep in mind that condensation contributes to the shrinking and rusting of your guns.

How Can You Maintain and Control the Temperature of A Gun Safe

Maintaining the optimal temperature inside the safe is of paramount importance in order to prevent potential issues. You can do one of the following.

Use rice

Rice? Yes. Amazing, right? Rice can be used to control and maintain the moisture level and humidity of your gun safe by absorbing moisture and remaining damp. It is a cheap way to regulate the humidity inside your gun safe.

Dehumidifier rod

The main purpose of the rod is to control heat and circulate air. The inner part of the safe must be 3 degrees warmer than the outside. Dehumidifier rods come in different lengths.

Get a dehumidifier

This is the most effective way of preserving the contents of the safe in good condition over a longer period of time. Dehumidifiers are used to control moisture. The most efficient one is the Evadry dehumidifier containing blue crystals that aid in the absorption of moisture. It also fits perfectly into your gun safe.

These dehumidifiers are renewable and have an indicator to show that the canister has to be recharged. Desiccant dehumidifiers aid in absorbing moisture in your safe. They are inexpensive, small, portable, and can be placed inside or outside your safe.

The type of dehumidifier you should get would be heavily dependent on the size of your safe. You can use a mini dehumidifier for a standard safe while a petite dehumidifier can be used for larger safes that measure up to a room in size. Desiccants can be used for smaller areas.

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What Is The Perfect Location To Keep Your Gun Safe?

Selecting the perfect location for your gun safe can be challenging. In order to effectively control the humidity levels, the best placement for a gun safe is a dry and cool space with adequate aeration to avoid humidity. A gun safe should be stored in a closet where it is dry and cool and free from moisture.

Placing your gun safe in the basement is not a good idea because it is always closed with less circulation of air. If it must be stored in the basement, then an AC should be used to aid the circulation.

Some Tips to Maintaining the Temperature of Your Gun Safe

There are many ways to help maintain the temperature inside your gun safe. We have a few tips listed below:

  • Avoid storing items that are not so valuable within the gun safe.
  • The temperature of the safe can be maintained by using a fan to circulate air inside
  • During cleaning the safe should be wiped or polished to maintain its luster
  • Leaving the safe ajar for a few hours can also reduce moisture

Effects of Humidity on Your Gun Safe

Have you thought about what humidity can do to your gun safe? Humidity has negative effects and this can affect your valued items in the following ways:

  • It tends to damage other accessories and valuables kept within the safe such as gadgets, watches, jewelry, and so on.
  • At high humidity, rusting can occur internally or externally. As you use an antirust cleaner to clean your safe, it can lead to the spread of rust all over the safe with time.
  • Mold can grow within the safe when it is damp and has a high moisture content, thereby leading to decay of the safe and its contents.
  • With high humidity, your firearms can easily become damaged and may not function properly.


The best way to maintain optimal levels of humidity is to use a hygrometer which is effective in controlling moisture, monitoring the relative humidity of your gun safe, and thus preventing humidity-related issues that might arise. Dehumidifiers are the best solution to keep extra moisture out and maintain the temperature inside the safe. You can easily choose the type of humidifier to fit your needs based on the size of the safe that you own.

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