Sports Afield 30 Gun Safe Review

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If you love guns and you are looking for a spacious gun safe, you might be in the right place. Sports Afield is a leading brand name that has been in the industry for over a century.

With that in mind, we will review one of its most popular products – the Sports Afield 30 Gun Safe, known and appreciated for its sturdy construction and impressive capacity. To help you get started, we have covered the main features, benefits, and potential downsides.

Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Sports Afield 30 Gun Safe Review

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As a firearms aficionado, you’ve almost certainly heard of Sports Afield. For over 125 years, Sports Afield has been a vital contributor to the outdoor community. This 30-Gun Safe is sturdy, stylish, and comes in an elegant OD Green color. Keep in mind that the popular Standard Safe Series features versions for all gun collectors in terms of size options.

It is set at 55 inches in height and 226 pounds in weight, making it one of the largest gun safes available on the market. Most importantly, the elegant green finish will allow you to enjoy this vault set anywhere in your house.

Who Is This Product for?

It is a perfect choice for any hunter or gun enthusiast who has more than a single weapon. With a capacity of up to 30 guns, this Sports Afield vault is worth its price. Not only that, but it can also last you a lifetime, as long as you don’t purposefully cause damage to it. Keep in mind that the manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty, which makes it an even better offer.

On the other hand, anyone who isn’t a fan of biometric locks and wants to opt for a traditional gun safe should look away.

What’s Included?

Firstly, you are getting the 226-pound gun safe. In addition to it, you will have a bolt-down kit, two spare keys, and a set of 4 AA batteries to get the biometric lock set up. To help you navigate all of these components, you will also receive a detailed user guide on how to install and use this reliable gun safe.

Overview of Features

First and foremost, we want to discuss the design of the vault. The interior of the safe has movable shelves, allowing you to customize the interior to fit your exact needs. You can adjust the shelving to store your firearms, ammo, and other valuables with ease.

Plus, the interior of the door gives extra storage options. The handgun pockets in the safe are conveniently accessible, and the zipped pouches may keep any other supplementary goods safely stored. Although the safe is stated to store 30 guns, some users claim that it has an even greater capacity.

The Sports Afield Gun Safe is constructed of 16-gauge steel. It is more than enough for protecting your firearms in a home environment, especially when you consider that it includes a limited lifetime warranty on all manufacturer defects. Not only that, but the recessed door, along with the 12 x 1.25-inch bolts, doubly fortifies this vault.

When it comes to keeping their firearms locked up, most gun owners aren’t seeking the prettiest safe because the most important aspect of any safe is its strength, security, and qualities such as capacity and locking. Still, your safe should blend in with the rest of your home, which is why the subtle aesthetic of this 30-gun model is one that we are sure you will be impressed by and proud to display in your house.

It is elegant and tough. The OD Green surface blends in wonderfully with any décor or style, and you can take advantage of the nighttime concealment it provides. Burglars will have a difficult time breaking in because of the intricate design.

The lock mechanism controls the safe’s opening and shutting of the door to keep your firearms and belongings safe. This Sports Afield lock code is programmable, so you may pick whatever combination of digits you believe you’ll be able to recall in the event of a financial or safety emergency.

A unique feature is that the keypad may be turned to quiet mode if you don’t want beeps every time you type in your code. There is also a pair of backup keys that you should keep in a secure and hidden place.

The drop handle allows for easy and fast access once you have correctly entered the code. While it isn’t UL-listed, it comes with a comprehensive and simple lifetime guarantee that covers robberies, break-ins, floods, and even fire damage. As a nice bonus offer, the manufacturer will also replace parts and paint for you, as needed.

Our only issue? The fact that the central divider and the barrel rack are too close makes it almost impossible to store a long rifle. Other than that, you are looking at a sturdy and sophisticated gun safe that is worth the money.

How to Use it

Similar to most other electronic gun safes, the Sports Afield 30 Gun Safe is beginner-friendly. Thus, once you have programmed the code, it all comes down to typing it in at the time of need and accessing your firearms, cash, or other important belongings. Don’t forget that you can adjust the shelves, making it much easier to store a variety of different valuables in the same vault.


  • Great capacity, it can store up to 30 guns
  • Highlighted by a limited lifetime warranty that covers robberies, floods, and fire
  • Comes with a sophisticated and robust OD Green design
  • Features a beginner-friendly programmable lock and a drop handle
  • Offers a quiet mode and a programmable alarm


  • The central divider and barrel rack are too close together (not ideal for storing longer rifles)

Are Sports Afield Safes Waterproof?

Absolutely. Not only is the Sports Afield 30 Gun Safe that we have covered here waterproof, but also all models that are a part of the Standard Safe Series. The company prides itself on manufacturing gun vaults that can withstand any amount of water damage. Nevertheless, even if you go through a natural disaster such as a flood and your gun safe is succumbed under great levels of water, Sports Afield offers a lifetime guarantee and a friendly replacement policy.

Where Are Sports Afield Gun Safes Made?

Sports Afield is a company with a long and successful background. It was founded back in 1889 and has been operating for the past 132 years across the United States. Consequently, all of their gun safes are made in the USA.

Wrap Up

The final decision is yours and depends on your budget and personal preference. If you are a gun enthusiast who needs a sophisticated and robust vault that can store up to 30 guns, then the Sports Afield 30 Gun Safe is a fantastic choice!

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