How to Install Lights in a Gun Safe

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Keeping and storing your ammunition without regard to safety is very alarming and extremely dangerous. It becomes worse when your safe is so dark that you cannot see its contents. Light is very important in a gun safe and significantly aids in safety.

Installing lights in your safe is necessary because, besides helping you see, it also helps prevent the buildup of moisture which can lead to rusting, shrinking, and destruction of its contents. So we will be taking a look at how to install lights in a gun safe to help you with the process. Let’s get right to it!

Factors to Consider before Installing Lights in a Gun Safe

Installing lights within your gun safe gives you easy access to collect your guns and other relevant items in it.

Type of light source

Get a light source that uses less power and gives out bright light. There are two gun-safe lights that can be used: LED lights and CFL bulbs.

LED light strips can be installed easily and have a longer lifespan. They are the most commonly used for gun safes. These light strips are best to be used because they are safe, easy to install, consume less energy, affordable, come in different sizes, efficient, and can be adjusted to suit their purpose.

LED lights are unique, compact, and more economical. These lights also function through motion, meaning that they come on and go off only when the safe is opened or closed, thereby reducing the consumption of power. The only disadvantage in using them is that if one of the LED lights malfunctions, you will have to change the entire LED strip.

CFL bulbs are known to consume less energy and shine brighter. Due to their large size, they can take up a lot of space in the gun safe, while extra care must be taken when operating the gun safe.

Light intensity in the gun safe should be bright. All the lights should be bright enough to cover the entire safe.

Power source

The type of power source determines how the lights will function. When using AC power, it depends on the internal power required to light up the safe easily. You can use AC power if your safe will be used on a daily basis.

DC power allows your gun safe to light up with the use of batteries. These are great if it comes on with switches.

right hand is turning on switch

How to Mount the Lights

There are very unique ways to mount your lights. It is very important to consider how to mount your light. It can be through the use of magnets, adhesives, screws, or other ways.

Screws are firmer and they keep your light in place. They are also safe for installing switches, sensors, or battery packs due to their sturdy nature and durability. The only limitation of using screws is their alteration of the gun safe’s construction.

Magnets can actually shift if used to mount lights, especially when moving things in the safe. Adhesives are also a sure way to keep and maintain these lights. They are very simple and straightforward to install but can easily be removed when not needed. The only problem with it is that they do not last and can fall off easily.

How Many Lights Do You Need

This all depends on the size of your gun safe. For small gun safes, one light is enough and it should be bright enough to cover the entire safe. A larger safe may require multiple lights depending on the number of shelves or how large the safe is.

How to Turn On or Off the Lights

You can use a light switch to turn the light on or off. Motion sensors are a great way to control the light within your safe. They result in less energy consumption and are one of the most commonly used measures. They are perfect for dark rooms as the lights come on and go off automatically when the safe is open or closed.

Benefits of Installing Lights in a Gun Safe

  • Allows you to access all the contents of your gun safe without straining to see or needing to hold a flashlight
  • Helps reduce the moisture content of the gun safe, thus preventing rust, corrosion, and damage of items and accessories in the safe
  • Enables you to detect when the gun safe is open due to the motion sensors


Adding light to your gun safe increases your security, convenience, and helps you monitor the contents, especially in dark rooms. It also helps to prevent the buildup of moisture in the gun safe. This is an excellent way to keep your items secure.

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