Gun Cabinet vs. Gun Safe: Which Is Best?

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So you’ve purchased a gun and are ready to use it. But have you thought about
where you are going to store it?

Gun cabinets and gun safes are both excellent storage units for guns. They are the
best options when choosing a secure and safe place to store firearms.

So which is best and why? This article will explore both options, including the pros
and cons of each, before coming to a conclusion.

A gun cabinet or a gun safe? Which will be the winner? Let’s find out.

Gun Cabinet

A gun cabinet is the better looking of the two. If you like to spend money on guns,
you probably want to display them for all to see.

Traditional gun cabinets are designed like any other display cabinet. They have two
outward-opening doors that have glass panels so you can see what’s inside. Some
people like to display china dishes in cabinets – others like to display firearms.
Gun cabinets are often constructed out of solid wood such as pine or oak, and
sometimes steel. They usually have one or two drawers underneath so you can store
gun-related accessories such as cleaners or gun bags.

Each gun cabinet has a lock and key and a bolt at the top and bottom of the doors so
your guns can be stored safely. The glass panels may not prevent burglars from
breaking into the cabinet – however, an impressive gun collection that can be seen
by all is often enough of a deterrent.

Gun Cabinet Pros and Cons


Looks Good

A well-made gun cabinet is a timeless piece of furniture. Many household items are
constructed of solid wood, such as coffee or dining tables, so a gun cabinet wouldn’t
look out of place.

Easy To Move

Of course, solid wood is heavy – but not too heavy to move around. If you feel your
display of firearms is attracting too much attention or you are moving to a new home,
then it won’t be too much trouble to remove.


Starting at around $100, gun cabinets are much cheaper than a gun safe. A
well-made, solid wood gun cabinet will last a lifetime too. Which means you may
never have to spend another penny keeping your weapons safe.


Safety is questionable

While a lock and key provides owners with some security, it doesn’t necessarily
eliminate other risks. It only takes one glass panel to be smashed to gain access to
the firearms inside. A gun cabinet may not be the best option for you if you live in an
area with a high crime rate or you have young children.

Resistance to other elements

Aside from the security risks, the wood the cabinet is made out of will not protect the
guns inside should it catch fire. Damage can also occur if it is exposed to high
volumes of water, such as a leak or a flood.

Gun Safe

It may be pretty self-explanatory, but we’ll discuss the basics of a gun safe anyway.
A gun safe is a box, generally constructed from steel, where guns can be locked
away and hidden from view. Gun safes have robust locking systems that can only be
accessed by anyone that holds the code.

Unlike gun cabinets, gun safes are usually hidden away in wardrobes or cupboards.
A particularly large gun safe could also be found in a basement or a garage. People
often purchase a gun safe if security is of the utmost importance.

The most impressive feature of a gun safe is the locking device. They are designed
with a bolting mechanism that can only be accessed using combination dials,
electronic keypads, and more recently, biometric fingerprint scanners.

Gun Cabinet Pros and Cons


Excellent Security

It would be challenging (and downright foolish) for anyone to try and access a gun
safe without knowing the unique code

Out of Sight

Whether it be small or large, a gun safe is something that people want to be hidden
away. This is also an advantage if you have small children who would be most
intrigued by a firearm.

It’s safe! (literally)

Anything placed inside a steel-constructed box is going to be safe. We’re not just
talking about burglars, either. If you were to have a house fire or mass flood, your
guns would always be safe inside.



A gun safe is not going to be easy to move without help. This is an excellent
deterrent for anyone who wants to get their hands on your guns, but not so great
when you want to get rid of it or move house.


Starting at around $300 for a basic safe, gun safes are expensive. Although what’s
inside may have cost a lot more.

Don’t forget the code

The locking systems on a gun safe trump any gun cabinet. But if you forget the code,
you won’t be able to access your guns until you seek help from a professional.

Gun Cabinet vs. Gun Safe: The Final Round

Gun cabinets are an elegant piece of furniture to display a collection of firearms. The
neutral, solid wood construction fits nicely into most household aesthetics and won’t
break the bank.

A gun safe is the perfect piece of equipment to use if security is your top priority.
Some people like to let others know that they own firearms. Some simply want to
keep them a secret.

While gun cabinets secure firearms behind locked doors, they are much easier to
break into than a gun safe. It would be near impossible to hack into a gun safe –
especially if a biometric fingerprint system is in place.

We also have to mention how fireproof a gun safe is. While thousands of dollars
worth of firearms may look great on display, they can be quickly destroyed if the
cabinet catches fire.

Looking at all the pros and cons, it is easy to see that a gun safe is the winner here.
While gun cabinets are aesthetically pleasing, this should be way down the list of
priorities when discussing gun storage.

However, the choice is ultimately up to you, and you know more than anyone which
one will be more suitable.

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