How To Build a Gun Safe Room: Considerations and Steps To Keep in Mind

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In states and countries where guns are allowed, it is imperative to have a gun safe room.

While a gun is costly and needs to be protected, what’s even more important is keeping it safe from other people in the home.

That is especially for homes where children or untrained members also live.

Many professional services offer to build a gun safe room for your home; there are also many videos, tutorials, and websites that can teach people how to build a gun safe room effectively and properly.

That said, let’s run you down on the basics of gun safety and building a gun safe room.

Why Gun Safety Matters

There are many reasons for keeping a gun, especially in states and countries where legislation allows the keeping of firearms.

According to a survey done by PEW Research Center on February 13-18, 2013, the topmost reason for owning a firearm is for protection.

The rest of the reasons include hunting, target or sport shooting, constitutional right or the second amendment, gun collection or hobby, and others.

When you keep guns in your home, you are and should be duty-bound to keep them safe from other family members and or visitors in the home, especially in the presence of younger kids.

You should also be in the right state of mind when owning or keeping a gun in the home.

It sounds simple enough, but unfortunately, this does not happen all the time.

A survey conducted by the Injury Epidemiology published on October 14, 2019, and based on data from the National Violent Death Reporting System between 2005 to 2016, there are 430 unintentional firearm fatalities in the USA alone every year with the victims ranging from 10 years of age to 29 years old.

Common circumstances surrounding these unintentional firearm deaths include playing with the gun, thinking the gun was not loaded, and hunting.

In an estimated quarter of these deaths, the suspect has consumed alcohol.

With these data in mind, there are many ways they could have prevented unintentional firearm deaths.

Firearm safety instructions, manufacturers, and owners all play a part.

One way to prevent any more from occurring is ensuring the gun is secured by building a gun room.

What Is a Gun Safe Room?

A gun safe room is basically a room or a vault that is highly secured and used to store valuables, including a gun.

There are different types of gun safe rooms to choose from in your home, including an underground gun safe room and an above-ground gun safe room.

Underground Gun Safe Room

This type of gun safe room is generally found or built in basements.

It keeps guns and other valuables safe not only from burglars but even from fires and hurricanes.

The only downside to an underground gun safe room is the humidity.

Moisture is considered the enemy of firearms and can lead to rusting and molding.

The good news is there are many ways to counter this problem if the basement is the only viable option for keeping a gun safe room.

It all starts with proper planning, which you’ll learn more about later.

Above-Ground Gun Safe Room

The advantage of an above-ground gun safe room is that these rooms aren’t as exposed to humidity.

There are also many ways to prevent humidity from building up in an above-ground safe room.

Common considerations for an above-ground room are choosing a windowless room or fortifying a wall.

how to build a gun safe room

How To Build a Gun Safe Room

Building a gun safe room isn’t a walk in the park since it involves not just your own safety but also of the people in and around your home.

Things To Keep in Mind

When learning how to build a gun safe room, certain things are considered ahead of time.

The most effective gun safe rooms are always those that have been planned out efficiently and intelligently.

Factors to consider for gun safe room construction include space, door, sorting, utilities, local laws for gun storage, and insurance.


This is the number one consideration when planning on building a gun safe room.

It should be able to hold cabinets, a chair table, and even safes. There should also be enough room to walk around.

In cases where a home has a shortage of space, there are also guidelines for an under-bed gun safe storage.


For families or gun owners who also wish to use a gun safe room as a retreat room, you also need to consider utilities.

The room needs to be outfitted with a toilet, sink, internet connection, and phone line, even a ventilation system, fire extinguisher, and a survival kit.


When it comes to keeping guns in a gun safe room, the firearms aren’t simply stacked on the floor or placed on a table.

When making a gun safe room, there should be a bit of aesthetics involved.

Guns can be considered an investment and ought to be displayed well.

There are many options, including mounting the guns on racks, using panels, and more.


The door of the gun safe room will dictate how safe the room really is.

If safety isn’t really a consideration and there are no immediate threats, a normal wooden door should suffice.

However, for better security, a steel door or specially designed vaulted doors are great options.

Gun Storage Laws

Laws surrounding gun storage differ from one state to another.

It is best to check on the gun storage law in the state you live in rather than basing it on another state.

These laws dictate how much ammunition is allowed in storage and whether or not guns should be locked away or not.

Insurance Policy

If the building you live in has an insurance policy, it is best to follow the insurance code of the building when going ahead with your gun safe room construction plan.

This way, your gun safe room gets covered according to the policy should something untoward happens.

Practical Steps To Building a Gun Safe Room

With all things considered, below are the practical steps to follow when building a gun safe room.

Step #1: Choose or Identify Location

The location should be discreet and practical. If you don’t want to run to the basement for an emergency, you can consider a different location.

The location should also be a room that other members of the family do not often use.

Step #2: Make a Blueprint

A good gun safe room requires good planning, and it begins with a good blueprint.

Make a map of where you will place the items in the room because it will make arranging the gun safe room faster after construction.

A good blueprint will also help you know where exactly to drill holes should you need it.

Step #3: Installation

Installation can be done through DIY or working with a professional service.

When opting for the latter, it is best to contact them earlier on. On the other hand, for DIY, it is best to follow instructions and detailed tutorials online.

Step #4: Training the Rest of the Family

Aside from yourself, it is best to train the rest of the adult and legal-age family members to use the gun safe room.

Training should cover safe opening and locking of the door and practice different responses based on varying threats and situations.


Owning a firearm is a responsibility to yourself, your family, and the community.

Firearms are effective and extremely helpful when placed in a threatening situation, but you should not abuse them. 

You should also safeguard them to avoid accidents.

That is why building a gun room is considered good preparation even before purchasing a firearm.

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