What Type of Gun Safe Should I Buy?

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We all have a burning desire to keep our loved ones safe. Therefore, a gun might be something that we want to have at home. However, having a gun is a huge responsibility because with owning a gun comes storing a gun. Gun owners need to be aware of the best type of gun safe for their needs.

What Type of Gun Safe Should I Buy?

Knowing what is available in terms of gun safes makes it easier to make an informed decision. Here are a few things to consider when looking at what type of gun safe you need for your home.

The size of the safe

Most experts state that bigger is better when you are looking at a gun safe. The biggest regret regarding purchases of gun safes is the size. Most people buy a safe that is just big enough to hold their weapon or slightly larger. The problem with this is that there is no room to grow. You might not want to store a second gun in your safe, but maybe you need a safe space for your valuables. Although a larger safe will cost you more, it is a worthwhile investment that you will be happy about.

Safes vs cabinets

These days we have a choice between gun safes and gun cabinets. These two are very similar, with the only differences being the level of security and the cost. Safes are much stronger and harder to get into, hence their higher cost. Gun cabinets are much lighter and cheaper. Although they are easier to crack than a gun safe, they still offer reasonable protection.

Are there different types of locks for gun safes?

Yes, there are five different types of locks for gun safes, including:

Mechanical locks

These are the most common locks because they are the most reliable. The advantage of getting a safe with a mechanic lock is that it will always work. However, the downside is that it can be time-consuming to open and close your gun safe.

Electronic locks

Over the last few years, electronic locks have improved enough to be pretty reliable. The upside of these locks is that they are quick to use, and you have the freedom of choosing your lock’s combination. The downside of them is that they can be frustrating to deal with if the battery power runs low.

biometric gun safe

EMP locks

This lock features an electro-magnetic pulse which means it’s basically indestructible. It is debatable whether EMP stands for ‘Electro-Magnetic Pulse’ or ‘Extra Mechanical Protection’. This extraordinary lock combines a mechanical lock with an electronic control panel.

This is a great option since, even if the electronic keypad fails, you still have the option of opening the safe using the mechanical lock. However, it is going to cost you since these locks are quite a bit higher in price than other locks.

Key locks

These locks are generally regarded as the least powerful locks and are generally seen as a lock used to keep children from getting into the safe rather than intruders.

Biometric locks

These tech-savvy locks work on your fingerprint. They offer speedy access, and most offer the option of being programmed to feature a few users’ fingerprints.

What are the Different Types of Gun Safe Bolts?

There are two kinds of bolts for gun safes which are deadbolts and live bolts.


A deadbolt prevents the safe door from being opened by sliding a protrusion metal bar through the door’s hinge. They offer great security since they still prevent any intrusion even after the hinges are removed.

Live bolts

When the door is unlocked, and the handle is turned, the live bolts move and the door opens. Although deadbolts offer great security, live bolts have the added benefit of being able to be used on the unhinged door side.

What Should You Look at When Deciding on a Gun Safe?

When you are considering several options, make your decision easier by asking these questions:

  • Which safe will offer extra room for additional storage without taking up too much space?
  • Which lock do I prefer on my gun safe?
  • Do I want a gun safe that offers deadbolts or live bolts?

Ask yourself this question if you decide on getting a safe with deadbolts:

  • Which safe has at least four deadbolts on the side that carries the door’s hinge?

If you prefer a safe with a live bolt, these are the questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Which safe offers one or more live bolts at the top and bottom?
  • Are the live bolts at least one inch in width?


There is such an impressive range of gun safes available these days that every gun owner can find a model that perfectly suits every requirement.

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