How to Hide a Gun Safe in Plain Sight

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You certainly don’t want your firearms lying around in plain sight that anyone could have access to. On many occasions, guns fall into the wrong hands, which can eventually lead to painfully unfortunate events. Possession of a gun for sound reasons could do more damage than good, and for that, you need a good hiding spot for your guns for them to be reachable to you when you happen to need one but unobtainable for anyone else.

When it comes to possessing a gun, you are bestowed with responsibility not just when you are handling or firing a gun but also when you are storing one.

The first thing that comes to the minds of many when protecting their gun is to keep it safe for maximum protection. This ensures that the weaponry does not fall into the wrong hands and is kept only in the reach of the possessor.

Though a safe may be the best place to keep your valuables safe, keeping your safes out in the open may not be the best solution to ensure the protection of guns. Possession of a firearm is a huge responsibility; therefore, it is always best to have some sort of extra level of protection for your guns.

Why Should You Hide Your Gun Safe?

Keeping your gun safe in plain sight will give you a lot of conveniences, considering you will have it in your reach while no one around you knows the code or have the keys to open the safe. However, you should never underestimate the intellect of a burglar or robber, for they are very likely to break into the safe and rob you of your valuables.

The criminals may get hold of your weaponry this way and might use it against you, which can put you and your loved ones at great risk. Your priority should always be to keep the gun as unobtainable for the intruder as much as possible.

Second, you can always have an advantage over the burglar if you can get the gun on time in case of emergency. However, your weapon is not in plain sight. It should always be in “your” plain sight, which means you have hidden the safe at a place where the burglar would never imagine it to be, but you can have access to it whenever you want to.

How to Hide a Gun Safe in Plain Sight

To keep the gun safe out of reach of the intruder, you need to make sure you have the accessibility to use the firearm to your advantage when necessary. There are a number of creative places you can hide your gun safe where you can get easy access.

Person putting firearm in gun safe

Home Closets

Many gun owners choose to hide their safes in their home closets. It is easy to access, and you can ensure yourself a secure sleep. Normally, a closet has an outfitter for a compartment. Here you can keep your safe out of sight from anyone who may intrude into your closet in hopes of finding your safe containing valuables. All in all, the home closet is a wonderful option to hide your safe and be out of sight of any intruder yet provide you with easy access.

Cover It With Clothing

Hiding your safe under certain clothing or blankets is another safe location. You can be sure that no one with ill intent will be able to find your safe if it is hidden somewhere where they least expect it to be. Hiding a safe beneath or in between a pile of clothing or blankets is a far-fetched notion where no one can get access to. You can still get hold of the gun when in need and quickly use it against your opponent if your life is placed in peril.

Place It Behind the Door

Placing your safe behind the door can be of immense advantage to you. You can have easy access to it without having to rummage around things to find your safe elsewhere. It is not only immensely convenient but quite smart too, considering no one ever looks behind the doors until they are closed behind you. The safe is practically placed in plain sight, but the burglar would never be able to out-smart you if you are quick to get the gun when needed.

In Between Shelving Units

Burglars often overlook a shelving unit full of books or decorative items as they would not expect anyone to place anything valuable in such plain sight. Hiding the safe in your shelving unit or surrounding the safe with shelving units will ensure the burglars miss out on the safe, which is placed right in sight. Discretely, hiding your gun safe will give you quick access to get hold of your weapon before anyone else can.

Walls or Floor Safes

Many gun owners want to be able to hide their guns the best they can. Hiding them in a wall safe or on the floor which doesn’t particularly look like safes is also a great spot for the gun. It ensures that you can get access to a firearm while the burglar can not.

Your priority while hiding a gun is to make sure there is no visual presence of the gun safe. However, you know exactly where it is kept. Your priority depends a lot on where you choose to place your gun. In most cases, people have different preferences when it comes to the possession of a gun.

If you happen to use a gun solely for hunting purposes and do not find any other reason why you may need it, keeping it somewhere protected, which is not particularly in plain sight, would be the best option. However, if you happen to live in a sketchy neighborhood, it is best to keep the gun safe in absolute plain sight yet visually hidden.


Regardless of your priority, you always want to make sure that your gun is protected from everyone but you and your significant other (as long as they are trained). Accidents may occur if a child or an inexperienced person gets hold of the gun, which may cost you much more than what you can afford. How you choose to disguise your gun is up to you, for the gun is solely your responsibility.

Whatever happens, that involves your gun and you will be held accountable for that. You should make your gun as difficult as possible for the intruder to reach while at the same time you are not wasting any time if you need to use the gun.

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